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Do you at any time get up on the morning and absent-mindedly try to strap your car towards your wrist? You do? Effectively, in the event you will be these types of an individual, Linde Werdelin will shortly hold the watch for you during the guise of a new SpidoSpeed Chronograph!
Linde Werdelin SpidoLite taster impression
And also more so if your vehicle takes place being a Lamborghini Reventon they have!
The Lamborghini Reventon
Linde Werdelin are doubtless one of the more energetic and enjoyable young observe makers during the industry they are among the list of first observe brands to totally embrace the new media platforms available today with gusto and as a result, their ber-cool series of animated adventure-themed adverts are all over the internet. It's impossible to miss them and be drawn into their campaigns. On top on the brilliant marketing savvy, add to the mix that Linde Werdelin watches are inventive and mould-breaking in their design and functionality not challenging, but instead bringing something new and previously only conceptualised by other observe designers they are futuristic yet aesthetically (if not fiscally) accessible and very, very desirable.

So today when Linde Werdelin dropped us a few tantalising tempter images of what's fast approaching us, I thought I could hear the industrial bark of a V12 rapidly closing in from a distance you see the first thing to hit me instantly was the 'I recognise that face' feeling iwc replica paypal , where something just clicks and the family/design lineage becomes obvious. breitling clone The two images provided by Linde Werdelin are just tasters and reveal little about the actual view which looks like it's a brand new titanium chronograph as a natural extension in the SpidoLite collection but a lot about the design influences.

OK, I'll admit that it's a lot of conclusions to reach from a couple of partial and oblique images, but considering the original SpidoLite pieces drew their design inspiration from the strong but lightweight F1 chassis, there is previous form here. See what you think yourself
Linde Werdelin SpidoLite Chronograph The Lamborghini Reventon The Lamborghini Reventon
However I see it, there are cues from the Reventon all over the new Linde Werdelin piece or maybe it's vice-versa, but if you at any time find a person day that your SpidoSpeed Chronograph won't fit on your bedside table as you turn in for the night/day/dawn/dusk, then maybe you'd better check you haven't accidentally parked your observe inside the garage..
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