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We rarely address observe ideas listed here at WatchAllure, not due to the fact we do not like futuristic style and design, pretty the alternative, it's just you can find a lot of outstanding makes an attempt on the market in this electronic jungle we want to get in touch with the web. We could very easily devote an entire journal just for that department of imaginary horology, and even now I doubt we would have the opportunity to present for you anything that lurks in digital wilderness.
Obviously, there is normally an exception to every rule. This particular exception is known as Tokyoflash. What I similar to the most about those magicians, isn't just their substantial creative prowess and eager specialized aptitude, but even the greater useful skill to truly transform that hypothetical constructs into reality.
Tokyoflash Kisai Kaidoku
This time the notion failed to come from several of their various viewers slash contributors but from Tokyoflash individual design studio. Once we past documented on Tokyoflash, they only launched their most successful product Kisai Console LED view back in April and since then, it was a bit quiet on the Eastern front. Oh wait, not exactly! There was Kisai Kaidoku, only the second Tokyoflash fan-submitted idea that was birthed into the real world. To say Tokyoflash designs are interesting could be a mild understatement, and Kisai Kaidoku is no different. The principle behind it is rather elementary, truly. The LED display features string of words that light up as the time goes by. And that's it! So simple and yet, so effective! Perhaps probably the most interesting thing is that the principle was submitted by then 14 year old Tynan Mayhew from Canada. Kids these days
Tokyoflash Kisai Kaidoku out in the wild
Anyway, back to the new Tokyoflash notion. A little bit extra ambitious than Kaidoku, this customizable wrist observe is a well thought out idea that will surely appeal to wider masses than your usual Tokyoflash piece. In a nutshell, the view cosnsist of a touch screen LCD view module and interchangeable silicone strap, with another silicone case which doubles as key ring, or if you prefer, why not a pocket observe. hublot replicas Or a medallion to be worn around your neck. The possibilities are endless! You will be limited only by your imagination! (btw, I am submitting a patent for the medallion and pocket enjoy as you are reading this )
Tokyoflash interchangeable touch screen LCD check out
Key rings were never so sexy!
Naturally, this wouldn't be your Tokyoflash view if it failed to have a groovy time display. As you can see in the video, this is a scrolling type of a design and style where you can see only one number at the time. A bit of controversial design and style as the opinions are divided on both functionality and aesthetics alike. I personaly just like the idea of constantly moving display and practicality was never the primary Tokyoflash's concern, but I would say there is continue to a room for improvement of that design and style. Somehow, it feels half-baked. I bet you if that ever sees the light of day, it won't look like this.
It is also worth noting that this is quite possibly the most mainstream idea Tokyoflash presented and not to mention the strategy of changeable modules is already been done by Ziiiro daytona rolex price . What's a lot more, you can buy silicone straps for your iPod Nano which basically transform it into a wrist watch. So replica audemars piguet swiss , what do you think of this new Tokyoflash design and style? Are they going soft commercial?
Some samples of color for the Tokyoflash interchangeable touch screen LCD watch
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